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Send Bulk SMS Free Online | Although there are those who want to leave SMS as an obsolete technology, time is showing that it is one of the technologies that offer the best results to companies. Performing SMS marketing involves, in many cases, establishing a direct relationship with the client – a relationship that would otherwise be difficult to establish, in addition, allows for a safer action than sending an email, since it hardly has SPAM and you always leave it available to the customer unsubscribe or not from the service. No one can send free bulk SMS online without registration.

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Send bulk SMS free online

There are more and more companies that decide to return to SMS, and it is not surprising since, in a world where more and more business moves on mobile phones, it is a more than right decision. The send free bulk SMS to India online has the power of immediacy in its favor, to reach a device that is at all times with the user. Currently, we do not take off from mobile phones, and this fact makes us victims of this way of marketing, one of the fastest-growing.

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The benefit of sending bulk SMS free online

It is cheap!!

Like email, bulk sms for forward is a relatively cheap technology to work with. There are multiple media available to companies that require a greater investment of money, media and time to reach the public of the company, an advantage you can have from using SMS.

The SMS is immediate, arrives immediately and up to the user’s pocket. It does not require intermediaries so that the sender (company) and receiver (client) prepare the communication without the need for mail delivery, advertising agents, etc. Choosing the SMS is choosing the direct path to the client.

In addition to saving in intermediaries and the number of employees, the SMS can incorporate in a single message several types of content (images, videos, links …) making it a point of reference for other media and channels available to the company. The SMS can be used as an initial step to later redirect the client to other places, a task that meets perfectly.

The cost – investment ratio of the SMS is among the most profitable of the means with which companies usually operate.
Personalized and private messages: Communication via SMS is completely personalized. In addition, unlike social networks, messages sent by SMS are totally private, communication is personal – the client does not leave that scenario, making SMS one of the most private forms of communication, and marketing, that exist.

SMS allows customization. Most SMS messaging incorporates the possibility that text messages are personalized, incorporating the recipient’s name in the message, making the communication unique, personal and non-transferable.

This possibility of personalization is really helpful since it responds to one of the most important complaints of the clients that the communication of the companies is not done in general, but is done individually, focusing the objective on the Message recipient

Direct client-company communication

The SMS is a form of direct business communication between company and client. Most SMS lines allow the user receiving the message to respond to the message itself, sending their response and obtaining, in turn, a new response from the company.

Setting up an SMS campaign is quick and easy: A text message from an SMS usually has little more than 160 characters, which means that messages are only two sentences at most. This shortness is a good thing because it allows rushed consumers to read the content of the message at a glance. This shortness of the messages is also an advantage for a company running out of time. Indeed, the planning and deployment of an SMS marketing campaign are quick and easy to set up. It, therefore, requires far less planning in advance than traditional advertising.

A very effective tool: It is also much more efficient than many communication tools traditionally used in business. 80% of people say they are ready to receive promotional SMS from their favorite stores. In addition, the return rate of advertising campaigns runs around 15% and the churn is less than 1 %.

Speed and flexibility: Your business will have to adapt to the daily fluidity of the modern business world. Flexibility is the key to these constant adaptations. SMS marketing is virtually time-barred, creating and delivering communication to the target audience in minutes. This can be used to slow down visits or clear old stocks before imminent newcomers. An SMS campaign allows businesses to respond instantly to events of the day or to a competitor’s promotion. This allows you to stay ahead of the game and is a vital benefit to keep.

SMS targeted marketing communication: More traditional marketing methods are also at a disadvantage when it comes to seeing and reading them. For any savvy business owner, it’s critical that every marketing message that’s delivered is as targeted as possible. This reduces the costs of communication. Since SMS marketing is primarily based on authorization, it is likely that you will contact people with whom you are already in contact and have accepted to receive marketing messages from you. If you consider that it is at least five times easier to resell to existing customers than to a new customer, you will see the benefits. You are marketing in a field already plowed, seeded and prepared, which means that your returns will probably be much larger.

Unparalleled personalized communication: SMS marketing messages can be customized for your customers and delivered in their pockets in seconds. This customization revolves around everything from their name to their buying behavior. They can even be location-based, creating a message based on different stores or different regions of the country. And make no mistake, personalized messages are powerful.

Short and concise communication: Often considered a major disadvantage for SMS, the 160 character limit is actually one of the main strengths of the channel. This requires the business owner to be as clear and concise as possible. And, in today’s society, it allows your customers to get your argument straight away, with little effort.

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