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Which is the Best Transactional SMS Service in India?

Transactional SMS Price In India

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With the evolving times, transactions have become an integral part of carrying out agreements and deals between businesses. Hence, to complete these transactions a full proven way of transfer is used that is controlled by messaging and banking systems.

An eye is always kept on these transactional messages for their promotion and their regular updates. For which messages are you most concerned about? Undoubtedly, it has to be the transactional messages which float on the screen of the mobile phones as soon as a transaction is completed. These include e-receipts, bank confirmations, account and password settings or an OTP requirement.

These messages are those that subscribers need in a hurry and always look for them in their inboxes. As the level of risk involved is quite high with these messages, the level of security and expectations are very high. These strong transactional messages are the key to every email programming, that needs to be taken care of.

As the trend of transactional SMS has increased with times, many third-party service providers are coming up with their facilities to aid the customers for transactions. But, TextAlert has been a leading service provider that provides the premium bulk SMS transfer software for numerous applications in which transactional messages are also a part, via the internet. Let’s discuss TextAlert with respect to its transactional messages services.

Experience the need for transactional messages 

Once upon a time, customers had to reach the bank and stand in long queues for any type of transaction, but now everything can be done from home only through mobile phones. The customization of the message is quite vital not only because it is to be perceived but also it generates a great experience for the subscriber. The design of the message influences customers as:

  1. Trust in the messages: Customers need to trust that all the vital messages are sent from the same firm they know already & have linked with them. When these transactional messages perceive as quite different from the message of promotions, it needs another look for justifying that the message is completely authentic. It’s quite beneficial to develop a cohesive approach and judge the feel of the messages.
  2. The experience of users: Provide the customer with the information they require so that it is easy to understand. As the messages are built the focus is fully on customer satisfaction.
  3. Always inform the customers: Inform the customers exactly what they will receive and apply for future references.
  4. Ease of understanding: Use simple language, begin with the most vital set of instructions and knowledge, and don’t create any hassle.
  5. Keep the things clear: Generate the information as scannable through excerpts, headings, and key points. 
  6. Show help and courteous nature: Ask for the customer satisfaction and their existing requirements and address them accordingly.

There is no need to worry for the customers as all these points are well-taken care by TextAlert. It basically deals with online marketing and has been a pioneer in the bulk SMS industry to aid numerous startups and other firms in their overall services.

TextAlert is having its specialty as a bulk transactional SMS service provider and also as a promotional SMS service provider. It deals with the upliftment of firms by contributing to broadcasting information, promoting a product, & creating coupon deals. The services by TextAlert are at a very affordable price and it especially suits for firms that are just at their starting phase for reaching out to more and more people with less cost.

The need for public approval is quite important for these industries and all these needs are taken care of by TextAlert. The use of advanced marketing strategies is the best part about their business spreading a great aid across all the available TRAI networks. This is handled quite well through a systematic panel.

Why TextAlert for transactional messages?

  • Easy to use and excellent user interface: The transactional messages are mostly used to aid the clients with the details regarding a product. It is highly used in accordance with online shopping after ordering some items and products. A client receives the details by notifications of the placed orders, shipping, and information of delivery.
  • It has made shopping quite easy and hassle-free. The service by TextAlert has also let the customers track the flow of their product. Banks have also been effectively dependent on this service. A consumer will receive the notification on his phone as soon as an amount is deducted. It also mentions the amount, exact time and location from which it was taken. This gives security of the credit or debit card used for the transaction. A person can also receive the mail for their final balance using the transactional messages. Through TextAlert, one can send the message to an unlimited number of mobile phones by registering to the plan and that too in any corner of the world. This dismisses the problem of facing any type of physical problem of money and location. It also aids in managing an abundant time as these transactional messages can be sent simultaneously. The transactional SMS pack is as below:
Validity Rate SMS
12 Months 400 100
12 Months 799 3000
60 Months 1690 10,000
60 Months 3799 25,000
12 Months 5999 50,000
60 Months 11300 100,000
60 Months 27000 3,00,000
60 Months 42500 5,00,000
  • Excellent quality and comfort: Transactional SMS is considered as a messaging tool that takes care of vital and secret messages to the existing customers, for example, PNR details, account balance, and one-time passwords. There is no fixed time limit to send these messages. Hence, TextAlert is working all the time and these bulk messages are not having any promotional SMS and therefore, are not misleading. TextAlert also provides protection to the privacy of the people by not letting them share the details through any of the companies or private firms. Client details form an important part of the work ethics for this service provider. Institutions of banks, trains, airways, businesses, online reservations, and e-ticketing, etc. take the aid of TextAlert in transactional services. The service is also incorporated by the schools and other educational coaching institutes for conveying fee messages to the parents of students. If a child of some parent misses some class or has got their progress cards, then by this service, the parents will be able to know the details instantaneously. The message is sent in brief and it takes the help of TextAlert through a single-click system by which the short information is sent to the individuals in very less time and that too without breaking their privacy. This becomes vital when important messages or transactional messages are to be reported directly. This service is mostly used by e-commerce ventures for delivery purposes too. Firms can use these for notifying the workers. Banks are able to send notices of coming dates to the clients. The details of exchanges taking place can also be shared easily. The news of daily stock market changes and its price are also checked through TextAlert. These messages are sent all throughout the world while the transfer of this data is not controlled by the restriction of time. TextAlert is following a particular criterion but the options for making it more authentic are also provided.

Transfer promotional and transactional SMS from the common platform 

Transfer of messages from the common platform seems quite simple, but many firms use 3rd party messaging platforms for the varying SMS types. These may use a common platform for promotion while another messaging place for transactional messages. This kind of setup often leads to erratic messages. 

Sending messages from the common platform will not only benefit the end-recipients but also the marketer. From the client’s perspective, transferring both transactional and promotional SMS through TextAlert from the common place allows them to:

  • Trace out the complete client journey: A customer journey is embarked by many message types. The client looks for the experience which is cohesive on a common platform. 
  • Easy reporting on the complete program: On the common platform, the attributes of reporting both messages is completely constant, and these can be easily made into the common report. 
  • Trace the customer experience: The merits of tracing on a common platform can be understood through customer patterns. Just imagine, is it possible to engage with promotional messages just before a transactional SMS is sent? Has the engagement with some transactional messages reported someone to unsubscribe soon? There is a possibility but the types of instincts come very easy when it’s comfortable to compare the texts and values.

Transactional messages are mandatory to be opened. Just build trust by managing a great experience and encourage the audience to trust the best transactional SMS service in India which is undoubted, TextAlert in India.