Voice Solutions

Bulk voice calls are a considerably recent innovation. The special feature of TextAlert is that you can send messages in mp3 format and these messages have a wide reach extending across the world and that too, on all available networks. The method of broadcasting voice calls is easier because you can communicate with your customers through an automated online system that can send pre-recorded messages to the customers anywhere in India as well as outside. These messages can be received through their landline or mobile. TextAlert offers their voice campaign service mostly in places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Shimla, Gujarat, Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai, Karnataka, Patna, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Indore, Bhopal, Ludhiana etc. You do not have to spend money on hiring an operator to process the calls, as TextAlert’s voice calling system is a completely automated process. Thus, the popular SMS service provider is also very cost effective for a consumer. We have a user-friendly online control panel system where one can set the pre-recorded message and the contact list. Then the system calls the recipients from the contact list and the message is broadcasted.

Bulk Voice Calls

Bulk voice calling services are very useful for campaigning and lobbying purposes. Political parties are highly dependent on bulk voice calls for broadcasting their campaigns and agendas. In addition, when there is an event happening and a large number of people have to be notified, TextAlert can help you with our event notification service. It can also be used for fundraising and product promotion. TextAlert can act as your personal assistant. We provide medicine reminders, vote reminders, EMI reminders, wake up calls, meeting alerts etc. making sure that you do not fall behind in your hectic schedule.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS campaign is another service that can be used for purposes like political campaigns, registration etc. Through SMS service, you can remind your voters to vote and support the respective political ideology. These are especially useful for bankers as they can get updated with fluctuations in the bond and stock market. They provide IT support to media houses. The feature that makes TextAlert distinctive is that we do not charge a setup cost. The service comes without a monthly fee, which makes TextAlert a better service provider. We also do not levy hidden costs. The costs are stated before setting up the service and the price is not manipulated once the service delivered. With TextAlert, you have the freedom to personalise the message you want to broadcast thus giving it a personal touch. Messages can be broadcasted in your own local language making your voice calls even more special. We also give importance to your privacy, as calls will not be delivered on DND numbers. TextAlert also has a pay-per-use scheme which means that you only have to pay for answered calls.


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