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Kolkata | With the advent of 21st century, mobiles have brought a revolution in digital media by connecting people all over the globe. However, these services are considered to be a relatively expensive if businesses and firms are to communicate with their counterparts outside the country. So, the ever demanding question still remains that how to send bulk SMS in Kolkata for free without any hassle. This complete working requires a sound internet connection with a PC in hand. To send bulk SMS, firms can easily connect their account and carry on the transfer of SMS with the aid of any third party apps from anywhere in the world.

For further processing of bulk SMS, an internet enabled gadget is a must. As soon as one caters to a bulk SMS service provider, a SMS web account is created which provides an access to the web browser from any location of the country. This easy to navigate software aids in creating and managing distribution groups online through any computer. The bulk SMS service free India characterizes the use of digital revolution as an integral part in overall development of our nation.

Bulk SMS requires sending millions of messages to a generic group for the purpose of promotion and transaction. It is considered to be the best and most effective method for communication in order to keep customers on their toes. There are many companies which provide numerous types of bulk SMS services. But, TextAlert provides the premium bulk SMS transfer software via internet. Here we are going to discuss about TextAlert which is one of the leading service providers for sending bulk SMS via internet that too at without any cost.

Processing of bulk SMS through internet

Before going into the art of sending bulk SMS, the subscriber must know about the pre-requisites of how to send bulk SMS in India for free. One can send the bulk messages through a completely distinguished way of approach like software programming, mobile apps, and integration through SMS API. After that, assembly of an SMS gateway is done with bulk SMS through internet so that they can be delivered for free through mobile devices. The another aspect of transferring bulk SMS for free is categorized as follows:

  1. To send the bulk SMS with the aid of internet from the email to the clients of any firm or enterprise.
  2. The forward of the feedback for the SMS in accordance to an email address or the URL of the preference order.
  3. The scheduling of the bulk SMS is of the utmost priority for smooth functioning.
  4. After that view and auto download the bulk SMS services along with the delivery reports.
  5. All the processing is highly cost friendly and one need not to invest much price for the functioning via internet.
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Bulk SMS Price List

There is no need to worry for the customers as TextAlert has been taking all the necessary steps to carry out all the above mentioned activities. It basically deals with online marketing and has been a pioneer in bulk SMS industry to aid numerous startups and other firms in their overall services. TextAlert is having its speciality as a bulk transactional SMS service provider and also as a promotional SMS service provider. It deals with the upliftment of firms by contributing in broadcasting information, promoting a product, & creating coupon deals.

The services by TextAlert are at a very affordable price and it specially suits for firms that are just at their starting phase for reaching out to more and more people with less cost.

The need of public approval is quite important for these industries and all these needs are taken care by TextAlert. The use of advanced marketing strategies is the best part about their business spreading a great aid across all the available TRAI networks. This is handled quite well through a systematic panel.

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Merits of sending bulk SMS

Time needed: 2 days, 8 hours and 26 minutes.

on following parameters we asses best bulk sms services in kolkata and all over india.

  1. Cost Effective

    For sending bulk SMS cost effectiveness is a key part. There is no need to pay additional charge as it takes place via internet. One only has to pay the amount for the internet service. It is highly cheaper than other modes of communication.

  2. Ease of delivery

    It is not at all difficult to know how to deliver bulk SMS via internet for free & not at all require any sort of specialisation. Anyone can easily understand it through the internet service on their devices. 

  3. Syncing Contacts

    The bulk SMS service free India aids in syncing and adding contacts in single bulk group, with the extra details. This aids in managing the contacts and delivering messages in other groups and subgroups for ease of readability.

  4. Personalizing Messages

    One can also personalize the messages and send them to a big number of customers through a single click. Using different fields, one can transfer the information of customers along with their interests, location, interests of choice.

The list of services provided by TextAlert

1.Transactional SMSThe bulk transactional SMS provider sends alert through SMS or text for both DND and Non-DND customers. The services are considered to be fastest all over India.
2.Free SMS Bulk Sending PlatformThis service allows to schedule and send the SMS instantly through an alert notification. It is majorly used for employee database and guest recognition for clients.
3.WhatsApp MarketingThe WhatsApp marketing feature enables WhatsApp to market a product and capture the right audience for global recognition.
4.Website DevelopmentIt is the most important service by TextAlert which enables backend website development through SEO strategy. The architecture of the website is such as to ease navigation and creating logics for search engines.
5.OTP SMSThis service is well designed for mobile apps and developers for integrating automated text alerts through the different codes of API and Get method.
6.Digital MarketingTextAlert handles the social media presence of a firm to aid the businesses for connecting to their customers with the latest terminologies.
7.SEO ServicesSearch Engine Optimization is necessary for increasing the traffic on the website for better reach through search engines.
8.Bulk Voice CallThe Voice Call service aids the firms to connect with the customers by reaching their mobile numbers through an already recorded message on online system.
9.Promotional SMSThe bulk SMS are easily promoted through this service on Non-DND numbers only. One can also insert an audio, video or images with the message for easy tracking through the statistics.

To send bulk SMS via internet is the most affordable means of communication than the orthodox methods. One must install the internet on their PC and then take the bulk SMS service of TextAlert for sending bulk SMS via internet for free of cost. Hence, we looked at how to send bulk SMS in India for free and get the benefits of the digital revolution in our country for communication.

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