TextAlert provides a myriad of services in the field of online marketing. We let our customers send multiple messages instantly to different corners of the world. TextAlert has features like pre-recorded and automatic voice calls, bulk SMS, promotional SMS, bulk DND messages etc. We also provide our services free of charge and these messages can be sent with just one click. It is easy to set up and we have removed all the technicalities to make TextAlert tools customer-friendly. The services have been greatly utilised by multinational corporations, companies, stock exchange, academic institutions, political parties and the government. All these sectors use TextAlert to carry out their daily activities.

Advantages of OTP

Advantages of OTP Among the services that TextAlert provide its subscribers is a very useful service called OTP SMS. OTP or One-Time Password system can be used on your personal computer and any other digital device for that matter. It is used by various online companies to ensure the validity, security and identity of the customers. It removes the difficulties of the traditional methods that include authentication based on passwords. The biggest advantage of OTP is that it can be used only once and cannot be reused. The person who tries to steal your one-time password will not be able to use it, as the one-time password would have expired. It also reduces the chance of attacking by making sure that the attacker cannot intercept the message without being aware of the data created during the previous transaction. This data is unpredictable. Only the person making the transaction would know the details regarding the data. OTP service that is sent through the bulk SMS gateway of TextAlert has proved to be a more practical and cheap option as compared to the traditional method. The passwords are not static in this system. It will only be valid for one session through one device. Another major benefit of this mechanism is that a user who uses similar passwords in all systems will not be prone to be attacked in one of these systems. OTP is based on randomness thus, making it difficult for the hacker to predict. Hash functions are also used to make it impossible to reverse and find out the data used for hash. TextAlert provides the customers with an extra layer of additional security and privacy for their online transactions with transactional sms services.

Better Accessibility and Security

Mobonair has helped many big corporations with their user authentication. We have also helped our customers from hacking intruders and protected the data from being stolen. Mobonair has a wide network of great clients who come back for their service. We have helped many small-scale industries to establish our business in the market through online marketing, promotion and advertising. Mobonair provides the back-end logic required for making the PIN for OTP generation. This helps the user, as they do not have to go looking for back-ends. The number validation mechanism increases the conversion rates thus saving your money. Mobonair is, therefore, a cost-effective platform for such services. User authentication details can also be sent via pre-recorded voice as Mobonair provides the option of voice-to-text methods. Like all the other services of Mobonair especially SMS marketing, OTPs can also be sent to users living across the globe.


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