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TextAlert is a leading company that deals with online marketing. We have helped many startups and small-scale industries in their development. TextAlert specialises in information broadcasting, product promotion, discount coupons and reminders. We are one of the leading companies that provide bulk promotional SMS service. We offer our services at cheap rates making it cost effective. This is especially useful for industries that are starting out as they can reach more people with less capital. Public approval is significant for small-scale industries and startups and so, they need to analyse the responses they are getting. These needs are catered to with TextAlert. We use advanced marketing techniques to bring the message to the public. TextAlert can spread a heavy volume across all available networks. This is done effectively with an organised and systematic control panel system.

TextAlert has an SMS service that deals exclusively with promotional purposes

Companies have many other services and responsibilities that they need to fulfil. Therefore, promotion is something that they do not have time to concentrate on but it is extremely important for the growth of the company. TextAlert makes this job easy. You can instantly send promotions in absolutely no time to a large number of people residing in different parts of the globe. The accessibility is also easy. Hence, you can canvas more potential customers with less money and effort and spend that time on the development of your business. Our services are distinct because we not only send promotional bulk SMS but analyse and provide a report as to what kind of content had more reach or what product had more traffic. According to these reports, the businesses can then bring about changes to their products according to the needs of the public. In addition, when a company launches a new product, they can analyse the likability of the product. According to the feedbacks, they can either make the product better or stop the production. Businesses can also increase their customer base with TextAlert. People are more likely to be influenced by promotional SMS than an advertisement or leaflet which will increase the chances of a purchase.

TextAlert has a wide client base from big conglomerates to small-scale startups

We provide services at reasonable prices so that small-scale industries are not left out. There might be products that are likely to be more popular among youngsters or maybe elders. Such a target-based marketing can be done with the services offered by TextAlert. We will let you target your customers based on age, income, job etc. The task of sending bulk promotional SMS is made hassle free with TextAlert’s one-click send alert service where you can send all the SMS with just one click. It reaches the customer within seconds. The message can be sent across the country from any device and all available networks. It can be used while travelling as well. You can specialise the SMS with excel sheets and they can be scheduled to be delivered on the desired day and time. TextAlert helps you to promote your business by keeping in touch with your clients through promotional SMS.


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