How to Use an SMS Service to Grow Your Small Business ?

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How to Use an SMS Service to Grow Your Small Business?

Are you struggling to grow your small business?

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No matter what percentage very little tips and tricks you retain attempting, you can’t appear to expand your client base and increase sales — and you’re in all probability super pissed off.
While you will assume the apparent answer to growing your business is increasing your profits, that’s just one piece of the puzzle.
There square measure 3 different massive factors you wish to induce right before your little business notices any major growth spurts: communication, whole loyalty and operational potency.
How are you able to accomplish all 3 of those ostensibly monumental tasks to develop truth potential of your brand?
Answer: By using an SMS service.
Today I’ll be diving into everything you wish to grasp concerning however associate degree SMS service will assist you grow your little business — as well as why it’s value your effort and what kind of results you should expect to see.
To start, let’s re-examine specifically why it pays to figure on your communication efforts before you place all of your personnel on sales.
Why Communication Matters to Small Businesses
Traditionally after you think about business growth, the primary steps that sometimes return to mind square measure however you’ll be able to increase sales whereas additionally decreasing your prices.
While these square measure definitely necessary, there’s an additional keyspace to concentrate to your communication efforts.
If you’re not giving this enough attention, you won’t be ready to drive sales and you’ll be forced to chop expenses.
To avoid that, think about however you’ll be able to improve your communication between your whole and your customers.
Are you regularly communicating with your audience?
And by often, I don’t mean once a month or perhaps every six months. I mean deliberate messages and regular updates to keep everyone in the loop.
How often are you really doing that?
If you’re trying to grow, you should be reaching out to your customers at least once a week to stay top of mind.
I’ll show you how to do that next, but before I do, it’s important to realize that this is only one aspect of communication to focus on.
You also need to improve your internal communication too — that means communication with your employees and vendors — since this can have an impact on so many other aspects of your business as well.
For example, if you’re not regularly touching base with your vendors and an important delivery is missed, you’ll likely find yourself out of much-needed revenue or preparing for an event that may turn into a huge disaster.
By keeping your customers, workers and vendors in-the-loop, you’ll ne’er miss a beat and you’ll be able to simply alter once any hiccups do return up.

Cancellations and emergencies are two types of messages that need to be sent sooner rather than later. Fortunately, an SMS service lets you do just that.

This form of communication instantly keeps everyone on your team and all your customers informed and in-the-know.

You can also send everyone a text reminder to ensure your message was communicated clearly and so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Once you’ve tackled communication, you can then focus on sales.

As stated earlier, sales maybe your first go-to choice for your growth-oriented goals, but if your communication is poor, you’re never going to increase profits.

That’s why it’s crucial for your brand to work on improving your communication efforts first and then working on sales (in that order).

Now I’ll show you how an SMS service can also help you drive conversions.

Drive Sales and Brand Loyalty Using Mass Texts
Increasing your sales can help you grow your small business, but how can you do that simply using text messages?

I’m glad you asked.

Here are 3 ways to drive sales using mass texts:

#1: Product updates and promotions. Treat your text subscribers like VIP customers and send them exclusive text alerts for your latest products and promotions.

In your message, include a short teaser sentence (or two) with a link to your offer so customers can learn more.

Keep your message benefit-driven and to-the-point. Remember, your goal is to drive traffic to that link only.

You can use the same strategy with this next text.

#2: Bulk SMS Service | Birthday or anniversary messages. Sending personalized birthday or anniversary messages is a surefire way to win over customers.

And, when done correctly, it can also help you drive sales too.

Collect birthday information and other important dates such as when your subscriber became a customer so you can reach out on these days specifically.

Do this and you’ll show your customers just how much you appreciate them.

It doesn’t hurt to also include that in your message either — thank them for their business and offer a sweet gift in return for their loyalty.

Keep in mind, you don’t (and shouldn’t) only reach out when sales are involved.

Instead, it’s essential that you build and foster the relationship with your subscribers and customers. Luckily, this next message will help you do that with ease.

#3: Direct traffic to your latest content. Your customers flock to you because they think you’re an expert and hope you can solve their problems, or at least show them possible solutions for their issues.

One way to do that is to share helpful content that can bring them an inch closer to solving things on their own.

By sharing helpful advice, you won’t be seen as a pushy brand that’s only interested in driving sales.

In the same way, you’d send a birthday message, share one or two of your best reasons for why your subscribers should check out your latest content. Then include a link in your texts so they can make a beeline for it ASAP.

This link could go to a blog post, YouTube video, podcast episode, Facebook live, or anywhere else your content lives.

By sending mass texts like these, you’ll not only stay top of mind with your customers, but you’ll also start building a deeper relationship with them too.

So far we’ve talked about improving communication and driving sales via brand loyalty, but there’s one more area that can help your business grow: boosting your operating efficiency.

You may be surprised to learn that an SMS service can help you here as well.

Communicate Company Needs Quickly ( Free SMS Service )
When your company is operating smoothly, you and your team can focus your attention on the things that really matter: driving sales and improving customer service and communication.

So how can text messages help your business run smoother?

#1: Cover open shifts. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a retail business, call-outs and open shifts are bound to happen.

Instead of running without all hands on deck, send a message to any employees not on the schedule and you’ll increase your chances of covering that abandoned shift.

You can also use this text message to ensure there’s no miscommunication and every job gets done.

#2: Free SMS Service| Communicate what needs to get done during shift changes. Anytime a manager changes shift, it’s important that the original manager communicates everything that happened and what needs to get done to the next.

But, as you may have seen, the change of shift is often a crazy, chaotic time when it’s far too easy for messages and tasks to slip through the cracks.

Instead of dealing with that headache, later on, you can prevent it by using end-of-shift-debriefing texts.

Not only will this help managers communicate what’s going on and outstanding jobs, but you’ll also have a running log to refer back to later on when the rush settles.

This ensures that your team always knows what’s left on the to-do list and there are no surprises.

There’s also one more way mass texts can help your business run smoother.

#3: Bulk SMS Service | Share the same information with your team all at once. When communicating the same message with your team, you’ll spend far less time if you can knock it out all at once.

But, as you may have seen with different shifts, this is easier said than done.

Until now.

Thanks to mass texts, you can share important information with all your team members at the same time.