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TextAlert, a leading online telecom marketing company, has established its name by helping budding businesses to promote their products thus increasing their productivity. We always provide services at reasonable prices. Social media marketing is something that we specialise in. They provide a number of services like bulk SMS, DND SMS, online marketing etc.

Easy and User-Friendly

Transactional SMS service is mostly used to provide the customers with instructions regarding a product. This has highly been used with respect to online shopping. A person can receive details through notifications of placing orders, dispatches and delivery information. This makes shopping easy and tension free. This service also lets the customer track the transit of their product. Banks have also been immensely dependent on this service. A consumer will get the notification in his phone whenever an amount is withdrawn. It also specifies the amount, time and place from which it is withdrawn. This ensures the safety of your credit or debit card. A person can also get the notification for their balance through transactional SMS service. With TextAlert, you can send an unlimited number of transactional SMS through any platform across any network to multiple numbers of people residing in different corners of the world. This prevents the problem of facing the physical hurdle of money and distance. It also saves a lot of time as these messages can be sent instantaneously.

Quality and Convenience

Transactional SMS is an SMS tool that carries important confidential messages to the respective customers like PNR status, bank balance, one-time passwords etc. There is no constricted time schedule to send SMS. Thus, TextAlert is operational all the time. These type of bulk SMS do not contain any promotional messages and so, it is not misleading. TextAlert also protects the privacy of the people by not sharing the details with any other companies or private parties. Client confidentiality is something that forms an integral part of our work ethics. Banks, railways, airlines, businesses, online bookings, e-ticketing etc. make use of TextAlert’s transactional services. This service is also used by schools and other educational institutions to convey messages to the parents. If your child misses a class or has received their report cards, then through this service, the parents can know these details instantaneously. The message is conveyed briefly and effectively with the help of TextAlert’s one-click system with which the short information reaches the individuals in absolutely no time and without breaching their privacy. This becomes important when critical messages or transactional SMS are to be conveyed. This service is extensively used by commercial ventures. Companies can use them to notify the worker. Banks can send notices and reminders of due dates to the customers. Details regarding commercial exchange can be shared. News and daily stock market fluctuations and price activities can also be checked. These messages can be sent all throughout. The conveyance of data is not restricted by the limitation of time. TextAlert follows a particular format but options for creativity in making more layout choices are also provided.


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